Wells Fargo Mobile App Reviews

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Tired of giving chances

I have uninstalled, reinstalled, tried again, come back later long enough. :-( Problem #1: This app is "unavailable" more often than it is available, lately. Problem #2: the app doesnt always give accurate available balances, which resulted in my daughter being overdrawn. When I WENT IN TO THE BANK BRANCH, I was told that they, in the branch, had to call online and they would notify me of the response later the following day. What they notified me was that for the first time since the electronic age, my daughters expenditures and posts were not immediately reflective in the available balance and that they would all post after the weekend. What?!This has not ever happened to us before and we have brought our account down to PENNIES before. That should not impact what they TELL YOU (electronically) is your available balance. Then they said that I have to call online banking. All because some things happened within my use of the app and my daughters debit card use. On my last three attempts to uninstall and reinstall the app, now it wont reinstall! Maybe it is doing me a favor. :-/ I am very frustrated with the unreliability of the app.

App review

The Wells Fargo mobile app no longer supports touch ID. Please fix this.

Crappy App

You cant do dogsh*t with this app!!

Worked fine...until the update

Loved the WF app, until I downloaded the new update for it. Now is has me log in 3-4 times before it actually lets me in...then, only if Im lucky, will it actually open. And that 12hr system outage with the app and website both being down was ridiculous! The error message then had me call a number that had 30min wait times. Silly.

Great bank, poor app.

Every time I try to log in, it gives me the number to call. I saw another review with the same issue. WF should take a little money and invest it in their app.

Best bank app

I love to travel and like to take my bank with me. This app is easy to use and has everything I need. Thank you

Works fine for me

I dont know why people complain about some of its features. I can use Touch ID, no sign on issue, can check my balance, do check deposit a few time, easy and convenient, no problem at all, enabled Fastlook, can now check balances without signing on, also transferred money a few times, no issues either. With that said, the app is a hybrid app, wellsfargo should do an all native app instead!!!

One critique

This app has never given me any problems. One thing I would like, however, is the ability to see the total of all your accounts combined. It only gives you individual account amounts.

Doesnt work

Most of the time this app opens only to say "mobile banking unavailable at this time." This is VERY FRUSTRATING.

Signing in problems

Wont let me sign in. It says app isnt available. Its been saying thing for almost 2-3 weeks now. I like the app itself but this is so annoying.

Its great!

I love the app and I love Wells Fargo!

Look at how much better chases app is.

Wells Fargo I will personally fix this app for you over the course of 3 months.

No contact support

Would it be so possible for the app to contain at least a phone number to contact wells fargo? Its more secure when the app itself offers a phone number. Mobile banking cant be thaat behind for wells fargo.

Not bad

Not bad, could be better. The account layout format is a little cumbersome in my opinion.

Has everything a person needs

This app makes dealing with accounts fast and easy. Very useful.


Good over all app but should have full features from the classic website & can be pretty slow to load.

Worst update ever

Can no longer see transactions, only the balance of each account. How will I know if a specific transaction has gone through or not? I need a breakdown! Please bring that back!

Are you serious?!

I cant view any pending transactions! That is the MAIN reason I have the WF app, to make sure Im current with both deposits and withdrawals. Im a victim of identity theft, I want to keep tabs on all transactions. I cant view current activity on my checking account, just withdrawal totals and balance. I want itemization. Not a summary. This is the worst!


Not happy Needs constant updates and right when you in a hurry. Not always accessible

Very slow, log in issues

Wow. For a major bank with billions of dollars in revenue, this app experience is appalling. They replaced what used to be a reliable app experience with a new trendy design to follow suit of what other apps are doing. Honestly, this app feels very beta and should probably not have been released yet. The app is very slow, transitions are clunky, and its very difficult to find anything. The worst part is the login. I cant tell you how many times Ive attempted log in and receive an error message that says mobile banking is down, please call. Newsflash: people on apps dont want to call. I am a very loyal customer but this app is so bad it makes me want to switch. Good design and fast, seamless transitions CAN be done-the Chase app is great. WF, I love you but PLEASE fix your app!!!

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